Getting Started in Scrapbooking

Scrap BookA scrapbook refers to a decorated photo album that preserves the stories behind the picture (journaling). It can also hold memorabilia (certificates, tickets, letters, etc.). By using lignin-free and acid-free papers and adhesives, photos can be preserved beautifully and safely for a long time. Scrapbookers have family albums as well as smaller theme albums for vacations, baby’s first year, home improvements, parties and the like. The art of making scrapbooks is one of the most popular hobbies, quite a famous art and craft the world has seen. Most of the scrapbookers create their pages to commemorate special events and other notable life moments.

A brief history of scrapbooking

Scrapbooking used to be a way of preserving news items, precious pictures and other memorabilia in a decorative album. People would write in their scrapbooks, and this became treasures that were handed down through generations. After photography came into full limelight, making collections has become even easier. The early versions has photos mounted on an album with an inclusion of a brief description of who was in the photo and the date it was taken.


scrapbookingMaking scrapbooks has grown from the traditional set up to a more organized digital way. (In the upcoming articles, we shall be discussing digital scrapbooking). Making scrapbooks is now more than just a personal hobby. It has gone commercial with people pulling good incomes from this enjoyable hobby. Today, it is a multi-billion dollar industry that scrapbookers have turned into a business. For those wishing to start the hobby, you can get all the supplies you need at most local scrapbook stores as they will equally teach you how to scrapbook.


Journaling is part of scrapbooking. It involves writing a description of the picture to bring it to life. Journaling may as well mean commenting or posting quotes on the images to give them a special meaning for those who see them. Journaling is considered as an important element of making scrapbooks, especially if done by hand.

Getting started

It is not a hard task to come up with some great ideas for your scrapbook. You can start from family moments such as birthdays and Christmas or make collections especially for events or concerts and other commemorations. Reunions, confirmations, marriages, graduations, baby showers- are all fantastic ideas to get you started. With the right paper, patterned scissors, beautiful embellishments, and all kinds of additional tools and baubles, you are ready to go.

You need to visit a scrapbooking supply store to explore the various materials to get you started. The hobby enthusiasts often get more enjoyment from collecting their favorite supplies and the quantity of materials available at their disposal won’t disappoint. Weddings, moving to new homes, babies, graduations, new jobs, etc. are seasons in your life that you can document. The process of making these books is quite good as it will help you reflect on various stages of your life.

Why do people scrapbook?

Life moves pretty fast, and if you don’t stop and look around for awhile, you could miss it. Taking some time in your busy life to tell your story through scrapbooking – whether in a traditional photo album or computer created albums, on your blogs and journals can be an excellent idea. Here are some great reasons that depict the importance of this art.

– Sharing your story through scrapbooks will have a significant impact to the future generationsscrapbook layout

– Making scrapbooks is a fun and creative hobby

– Sharing your story through scrapbooks will mean a lot to your present life.

– Keeps a rich memory of people and events from the past

– It is a wonderful preservation of memorabilia and photos.

– The art makes you a better photographer

– Making photo collections will make you feel thankful and reflect.

– It is a wonderful gift to your family

Scrapbooking is a fun hobby that can turn to be remunerative as you help others create theme-based photo collections of their own. Almost all of us would have kept some form of scrapbooks for our early life memories, could we have been guided appropriately. It is now the ideal time you turn the art of making scrapbooks into a full-fledged hobby and create wonderful keepsakes. This basic overview should get you started. Have fun as you get into this wonderful hobby of endless opportunities.

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