Basic Scrapbook Materials and Supplies

scrapbook materialThe world of scrapbooking supplies and materials is one that is always changing. There is a never-ending selection of products being offered with new scrapbooking techniques being shared among the enthusiasts. People looking for newer and better products at all times will find the art of making scrapbooks as an great challenge for them. Scrapbooking stores are filled with new products and all kinds of new ideas.

Materials used for scrapbooks

The top products for scrapbooking are changing at all times based on the trends and personal preferences. One’s favorite item may differ in large scale to another person’s choice. However, there are those primary materials that do not vary. This guide expounds on some of the materials and supplies you need to purchase to get you started. These include;

  1. Cardstock/Solid Papers

An essential scrapbooking supply you need is the paper itself besides photos. You need to choose an acid-free and lignin-free papers if you want your book to last longer without turning yellow or damaging your precious photos.

  1. Scrapbook albums and sheet protectorsscrapbook layout

The albums come mostly in 12″x12″ and 8″x8″. The pages come with different shields that allow adding or removing pages from the albums depending on the number of pages that you want to have.

  1. Scissors and paper trimmers

You need a good pair of scissors or paper trimmers to cut straight line quickly and easily without any hassles. Cut pieces are embedded to make the albums.

  1. Adhesives

An adhesive is what holds together your photos, journaling blocks, titles, buttons and ribbons or anything you choose to stick to your scrapbook. Adhesives come in different states from tape runners, glue sticks, glue dots to liquid glue.

  1. Patterned Papers

Patterned papers come in a broad range of designs, colors, paper weight, texture and finish. They form the foundation of your page and become a decorative element of your layout. Think of the color themes that will give you a nice blend of your photos.

  1. Pens

You need to choose pens that’s pigment ink, waterproof, fade-proof and will keep your scrapbooking layouts safe. You will use the pen to note down important dates, names and other descriptions about your precious moments.

  1. Embellishments

Decorations make scrapbooking to be awesome. They are the clipboard frames, flower decorations, tags, journaling cards, photo overlays with foil accents and other forms of ephemera that make your pages look great.

  1. Scrapbook Kitsscrapbooking

The kits contain a whole bunch of cardstock and pattern papers. With a good kit, you work becomes easier as you do not have to wonder on how to match various elements together.

  1. Album

After you have spent efforts into your pages, you will want to keep them safe in a collection. Albums contain many page protectors and other blank pages. Be sure to check out their descriptions to pick the ones most suitable for you.

  1. Your Photos

You will then need the photos to complete the scrapbooking art. Start small so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Begin with the most recent photos and work backwards.

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