Keeping Memories Alive Through Scrapbooks

scrapbook elementsScrapbooks capture little slices of history and preserve it securely for future generations. People use scrapbooks to record their personal lives, hobbies, children’s accomplishments, trips be it to Walt Disney Land, magical and spiritual pursuits, genealogy and many others. It presents a perfect way of keeping memories alive through its key feature of information rather than imagery. Photos are customarily labeled with dates, names, locations and people captured to present a beautiful way of preserving history.

Keeping memories alive through scrapbooking

The art of making scrapbooks has much emotional and physical health benefits of bringing families together and increasing self-esteem. It has a host of heartfelt therapeutic benefits including memory support, encouraging the completion of a task in the spirit of accomplishment and increasing self-esteem. It promotes relaxation and fosters control over an uncontrolled environment. It encourages families to spend time together allowing individuals to focus on aspects that relieve special memories in a way that cements family ties together. Scrapbooking preserves a rich history of;

– Memories of people and events from the pastScrap Book

– Preservation of memorabilia, journaling and photos

– Keeps a rich collection of old information through journaling and not just imagery.

The necessary steps involved in making a scrapbook

  1. Brainstorming on a theme

You may need to think about what you want your scrapbook to include. Have a particular topic that will enable you to have a good idea of the kind of pages you need to create. If you do not have a specific theme in mind, start off with a general album to include all your photos.

  1. List stories to tell

For each theme, make a list of short stories that you may need to tell. Have a big picture of the pages you need to create your scrapbook. If you would like to keep memories of your baby’s first year, think about breaking down the book into 12 months and including relevant photos and journaling for respective months.

  1. Photo selection

Select the pictures that you would like them featured on your special theme albums. You may choose only the quality ones rather than working on quantity. If you do not have any idea in mind, choose those photos that will help you tell a story about what you like in scrapbooking.

  1. Placement of page elements

scrapbookingFor any particular theme, a good idea would be to try a set of consistent layout designs for all your pages. A similar page design will save time when making the scrapbook and will give you a better way of utilizing your themed supplies better. A little planning will save you from cropping photos into wrong sizes. The titles, journaling, and other embellishments should be set before cropping your photos.

  1. Crop, Mat and Adhere Your Photos

In case you need to crop the photos, make fade pencil markings on the back of your photos and then crop the photos according to the desired pages using a paper trimmer or pair of scissors. Matting your photos will make them stand out. You need to draw your eyes to the main photo and add pretty borders around the pictures. After everything is set, use acid-free glue to stick the pictures together.

  1. Page Titles

A page title can highlight or support a page topic or theme. You can hand-write your page titles, add creative extras and swirls to make them decorative page toppers. Stamped letters, stenciled letters and sticker letters make great page titles. Additionally, you can create computer-generated titles if you are venturing on digital scrapbooking.

  1. Journaling

Journaling helps tell out a story and presents a better way of keeping memories alive. Photos are there to support your story, and that is what makes the history. Spend some quality time to think about what to write as descriptions for your photos.

Making a scrapbook of memories doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor. You can find the required supplies and materials at a discounted price. With your creativity, you can use blank papers to pile up an album by decorating them with the use of markers, crayons, stencils, glitter pens, small pieces of fabrics and buttons. You can punch holes in the pages and loop the pages together using ribbons. Once you have constructed a unique scrapbook, you can share it among your circles to get your friend’s perceptions amount the artwork. It is the time you call on bringing on those pictures and mementos that hold precious moments in your life and make a scrapbook about them.

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