Scrapbooking Themes and Ideas

scrapbookingYou can create memorable scrapbooks using a suitable theme, template and ideas. Beginners get the idea of choosing themes to be quite confusing. You can decide upon a topic and build from there. Once you have chosen a theme, you can quickly sort out all the photos and description that belong to that theme. You can then choose the ones you want to use and discard those you don’t want according to the page layouts. To highlight the special moments for each occasion, those the photos that complement to the theme you have decided to work on.

Choosing a perfect theme for your scrapbook

Scrapbooks are typically oriented along a particular subject. When creating one for yourself or someone, it is a good idea to be guided by the theme. To choose a theme, consider answering the following questions;scrapbooking

– What is the overall purpose of the scrapbook?

– Who are you making the boom for?

– Who or what is the book about?

Wedding Themes

If the album is for the bride and groom, the journaling becomes very subjective. Here, you are projecting your ideas of what a happy couple may want to have written in their album. You need to choose a theme that reflect different aspects involved in a full wedding setup.

Holiday Themes

This is a special occasion whose photos will range from Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween costumes, family gathering, and Caribbean adventures among others. Have an ongoing album that spotlights each holiday season. Choose a theme that appropriately reflects these adventures.

Birthday Themes

Here, you include the photos of birthday parties each year in the family album. Doing so will give you an excellent opportunity to see the changes in your child/ren’s appearance and growth. Friends, cakes and gifts will complement the album.

Heritage Themesscrapbook

This one involves discovering, exploring and recording your family history for generations to come. Time is precious, and events pass swiftly. Find out all the relevant information and document it to pass on to the future generations. Documenting the family history will give the future generation a perfect reflection of how the past life was.

Pet/Animal Themes

Keep a record of the family pets that you have had and a transitive record of the growth progress they have made. Include those photos took during trips to the zoo, animal parks, or with the veterinary doctor. Pictures of your child alongside the pet will provide a very treasured memory.

Baby Themes

This is the most special scrapbook album and has so many ideas and possibilities to be implemented. Make each page unique and memorable. Keep every progress of your child starting from when they were in a hospital. Get good photos of their earlier days as they will need them when they age. Capture all the changing looks and body transformational process including their time for teeth growth. Presenting your grown kids with these memories will be the most treasured gift a parent can give to their kids concerning art.

Where to get scrapbooking ideas from.

scrapbooking– Think about a particular person and make an album about that person.

– As a parent, baby albums are an excellent source to start from.

– Think about an important year of your life and look for the available photos depicting that time. Make an album with a beautiful description of the time.

– Think about a particular season in your life that had an impact on your life.

– Others include; school memories, sporting events, Christmas, travel and many others.

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