How to Organize Your Photos For Scrapbooking

scrapbook elementsThe chances are that you probably have thousands of photos in your computer or analog format, and you are wondering what is the best way to organize them in a scrapbook. Before anything else, create a backup that will keep your memories safe from disaster. In most cases, a progressive or chronological organization is a natural choice for sorting photos. However, when faced with a mountainous backlog, recreating an accurate chronology can be a daunting task. We are thus going to look at other more suitable ways of organizing your photos in a scrapbook.

Create primary goals for your photos

To be able to determine the best organizing system for your pictures, you need to ask yourself a few questions;

– In which ways would you like to enjoy the photos? Is it looking at them hanging in your home or by browsing through the books?

– Do you have a goal of having the photos organized in a single system where they are safer and more protected for the future generations?

– Do you see yourself looking at and enjoying the pictures?

– Do you envision showcasing the photos and documenting the memories with powerful descriptive stories?

Steps to organizing your photos

Step 1 – Gathering the photos

Finding all your photos hiding in the various corners in your house. Put them together in a place where you will be able to work from in a more efficient manner. A floor or on the table can work well.

Step 2 – Sort by year

scrapbook layoutNow that you have all your photos in one place make other small boxes or envelopes. These will be used to hold these pictures taken during the same year. Do not dwell on the memories or the quality of the photos. Instead, focus on the year. If you do not have a lot of older years, you may as well sort by decade.

Step 3 – Sort in categories

After you have sorted them by year, take one box and start sorting them by month categories. This will be determined the number of photos you are working on. Some of the categories may be based on how you plan to scrapbook them – It can be based on holidays, birthdays, immediate family, etc. For the photos that you find irrelevant or unpleasing, it’s time you discard them. Go for the quality one and not just by the quantity.

Step 4 – Find stories to tell

Now after you have spent quality time getting to know your photos, you need to find stories to attach to each photo to keep the memories fresh and alive. Maintain a list of these short stories on a piece of paper or an index card. You will need to attach the stories next to the photo when making the scrapbook.

Instead of sorting your pictures in a very specific order determined by day, weeks or exact month, you can make use of loose categories such as seasons or decades. Additionally, you can categorize by teen years, early marriage life, college years and so on. Decide if to share your photos with family members and friends and sort them accordingly, in relation to their descriptions.

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