Scrapbook Gift Ideas

scrapbookThe act of giving a scrapbook as a gift is one of the most heartfelt and awesome things you can do when someone is having a significant life event coming their way. A good example is how every new mom would wish to have a scrapbook chronicling the life of the baby and present it to the child when they age. In a scrapbook with all the key work already done, the recipient will only need to stick their pictures and do the journaling in the book. You will save them a lot of time and efforts and present to them a beautiful way of displaying their treasured pictures.

Factors to consider when creating scrapbook gifts

– Consider if they have any experience with scrapbooking. If they are new to the hobby, give them smaller sized albums that are relatively simple in design.

Scrap Book– For newbies, consider sending along a few disposable cameras or rolls of film as they may be missing a digital camera or a high-resolution smartphone.

– Consider giving a few basic supplies/materials alongside the album. You will want the person to have the photos, clear adhesive, good scissors and other cutting tools in making their collection.

– Send them a scrapbook designed according to the theme of the things that like most. The theme may be a reflection of a wedding, holiday/travel, football fanatics, baby showers, etc.

– Give them some customized embellishments so that they may add throughout the album. Encourage them to include journaling to make their pages look personalized.

Scrapbooking Gift Ideas

Scrapbooking presents an excellent way to commemorate your family event and other special occasions. It makes a beautiful gift idea and the general principles behind scrapbooking translates to other related gifts. Below are some of the neat ideas;

  1. Scrapbook Calendar

Think about making a personalized calendar for your loved ones. Blank calendars are available at most craft stores. When making the calendar, think about the different months and search your collection of memorabilia and photos that will remind the person of an event from that month. Consider gathering some favorite quotes or sayings as well and include them in the package.

  1. Scrapbook of old photos

scrapbookingDo you have those great black and white pictures of your ancestors and wondering what to do with them? Use them to create a unique scrapbook and send it to a person you are related. Write about your memories of the person as a journal entry. Remember to make a copy of the photos so that you don’t ruin the originals.

  1. Recipe Scrapbooks

Anyone new to the family or anyone who complains they can’t remember how to make old family favorites will like this idea. A recipe scrapbook makes a perfect idea. Use the photos of the creator of the recipe during the time food gets served and include their relevant journaling.

  1. Shadowbox

You may want to highlight one person photo or event. Make use of scrapbook papers, photos and quotes to create a one-of-a-kind shadowbox. In most cases, individuals just need a little nudge to get them started on being new scrappers. Your scrapbook gift could poke them to get started in this awesome hobby.

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