Understanding Digital Scrapbooking

Scrap BookScrapbooking started out being all about papers, stickers, and adhesives. However, these traditional forms have been replaced by modern methods of scrapbooking. Today, more scrapbookers are using computers, software and digital photos, to create gorgeous scrapbook pages. What sets a scrapbook apart from photobook is the level of personal embellishment. There are modern digital scrapbooking apps that are typically lighter versions of desktop publishing applications such as Adobe InDesign.

What is Digital Scrapbooking?

Digital scrapbooking involves the art of designing scrapbooking layouts on your computer. This form of scrapbooking is artistically rewarding and saves both time and money compared to the traditional one. Using the right software and online programs, you can turn your digital photos on your computer into something more treasurable for the generations to come. There is a variety of online shops offering digital kits where you can download different templates and a collection of arts.

The necessary materials needed for Digital Scrapbooking

scrapbookingNow that you have decided to scrapbook the digitally, what’s next? Scrapbooking the digital way is not difficult. There is a variety of materials and tools that you need to get your work started. These materials include the following;

(i) Photos

To create scrapbook pages digitally with your computer, you need photos that are in the digital form. You need a digital camera or a smartphone to take the pictures. If u have some old photos that you want to include, you can scan them to create digital copies.

(ii) Computer

You need a computer to meet the requirements of the software you choose to edit your photos. If you don’t have a computer, you may need to buy a brand or clone. The chances are that working from the cyber may become tricky especially if the cybercafé doesn’t allow installation of new software.

(iii) Digital scrapbooking software

To create your digital layouts, you will need a general graphics software program or software designed purposely for digital scrapbooking. There is a wide variety of software to choose from, but we are going to discuss the basic requirements that guide you in selecting the right software for you.

(iv) Digital kits

With your photos, you need other things that you will use to edit your photos in setting the layouts, page elements, backgrounds and other designs. There exist different online stores that sell digital kits and supplies to fit your particular needs.

Choosing the Software

scrapbooking craft Choosing a software program is an important first step in taking the digital scrapbooking hobby. There are different options out there are figuring which is the best can be a bit confusing. Below are some vital aspects you need to consider when choosing the right software for the job;

(i) Cost

The big question lies on how much you are willing to invest in the software to use for the scrapbook. The price can vary widely, but typically starts at $30. Weigh the features, reviews, support and the capabilities of the program before making a final decision.

(ii) Ease of use

Designing can be complicated, and some programs can make the work more complex. Go for the software that guides you how what to do in case you get into a difficult situation. The program should have demos and a help section. Any complicated software may frustrate your scrapbooking efforts.

(iii) Features

Consider what you need the software to do and what can it do. Examine the features offered by different software to make a choice of the one that best fits your needs. Look at the features that are quite beneficial and any other extra features to get you started.

(iv) Flexibility and compatibility

Consider if the software can allow you to import kits downloaded from various online stores. That the software limit the use of supplies found on online stores? If yes, it’s time you avoid such software. Consider if the software has options to allow you export other layouts to common file types for uploading in various galleries.

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