How to Become a Digital Scrapbooking Designer

scrapbookimgDigital scrapbooking involves creating 2D artwork by recombining various graphic elements. It is a form of scrapbooking done on a personal computer with digitally scanned photos and graphic software. If you are a tech-savvy scrapbooker, you might be wondering on ways to create innovative layouts for your album. You might also be wondering on how to become a digital scrapbook designer and how to design digital scrapbook kits. Look no further than here, as we are going to get you sorted. A number of tools are needed to get you started.

The Software

After a laptop, the second thing you need is a digital scrapbooking photo-editing software. There are different options available on the market, and you need to choose one that suits your budget, and one you are willing to spend some time learning how it works. Adobe Photoshop and GIMP are good options to get you started.

Designing Digital Scrapbook Kits

A digital scrapbook kit consists of graphic files that take the look of traditional scrapbook cardstock and other embellishments. As a digital scrapbook designer, you may use a variety of techniques to create your kit. Typically, you would need the following;

  • Layers – To allow you add multiple patterned papers to a digital scrapbooking page.
  • Shadows – Drop shadows help you add the appearance of dimensions to the various elements of a page. You may add graphic effects to layouts.
  • Textures – Texture filters help you replicate the appearance of textured cardstocks
  • Embossing Filters – Bevels and embossing filters assist in creating a sophisticated and elegant look to digital layouts

Creating Digital Layouts

layoutsIn creating a digital design, you do it much the same way you would do on a traditional layout. You layer papers and other elements on top of one another. Each paper, embellishment and photo exist on its layer in your document. You can re-position and modify them at your discretion. Be guided by your software to create a basic digital layout.

Copyrighting your Design

Learning digital scrapbooking and design is fun, but you could take your artwork to commercial levels. To sell your kits and get the best revenue, you have to copyright your work. It would be easier than ever to get a home job doing digital scrapbooking. You can sell your digital kits to other scrapbookers via your website and earn extra cash. Devote a fair amount of time to publicize and market your artwork on scrapbooking websites and other online forums.

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