How to Make Money Scrapbooking

money-onlineScrapbooking is a favorite hobby for many people. It involves displaying your favorite photos in a unique and beautiful way. You keep photos and keepsakes of a special event in a beautiful album for people to treasure. In the United States, scrapbooking is a big business attracting more than $1.5 billion in revenue. Many scrapbooking stores are open across cities, making it easy to find beautiful embellishments to kick off the art. People want something classic and elegant to remind them of their past wedding, promo, christening or any other special event.

The increasing demand for excellent presentation of photos and memories on special events means we can make money out of scrapbooking. Let us now explore the various ways we can earn through this art;

1. Teaching Scrapbooking Classes

Have you been scrapbooking for a while? Are you an expert in the field and do you have tips to share? You could make money by teaching scrapbooking classes. You only need to visit your local art and craft shop and suggest a series of in-store classes and demonstrations. Negotiate a fee with the shop and you may find yourself started with a contract. Depending on the interest and how many people turn up, adjust your charges to reflect demand, and grow your classes from this point.

2. Selling your Scrapbooking Wares

Do you have some layouts and designs you have made and are you ready to sell them? If you have a creative flair for creating designs, you can make a profit by selling them. You need to set up the basic designs and avail them to interesting groups to use them to add their personal embellishments. You can sell these wares online via a blog or commercial stores. Photography sites are also a good marketplace to negotiate sales deals.

3. Set Up a Scrapbooking Blog

Setting up a blog in now easier than ever. The introduction of automated blog setting applications and content thememanagement systems makes the task relatively easy. You need to set a name for your blog, buy a domain and secure the services of a hosting company. Next, would be making the necessary configurations and setting up your blog. Invest your time writing interesting articles and guides about scrapbooking.  After setting up your blog running with good images, videos, and content, you can start monetizing your blog from the many monetization forms we have. Google AdWords are a good way to get you started.

4. Become a Consultant

If you are not interested in making the books or layouts by yourself and you are enthusiastic and creative enough on matters about scrapbooking, you can become a consultant in this field. Instead of selling scrapbook materials to people, you can instead earn by showing and guiding them on ideas about collections. With a scrapbook starter kit, you are off to begin as a consultant, provided you have the experience and creative flair. People shall pay you a consultation fee, and you can as well earn commission on materials you sell on behalf of a scrapbooking kit making company.


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