How to Document your Baby’s Life using a Scrapbook

scrapbook-babyAs a parent, you need to help your child remember how her upbringing was, by creating beautiful albums to cherish their early lives forever. A child’s scrapbook is among the most prized and treasured assets a parent can possess. You need to capture many of those first-time memories forever in an album and preserve the memories for many years to come. The first year of a child is filled with possibility, beauty and hope. Babies grow very fast, and they won’t be able to remember their first year unless we keep a chronicle about the same.

Here are tips to help you chronicle those precious moments together and preserve them for the future.

Using a Scrapbook

A scrapbook will include items such as baby pictures, different looks of your child’s hair, cards you received before and after the child’s birth and other special events. Make journal entries that help pictures tell a story in a simple way to help everyone reading it understand what was happening. Choose an album that can allow you add extra pages for each month if needed. Create a title page, a dedicated page and table of contents for your album. Select a cardstock for your photo mats and journaling blocks. Consider purchasing embellishments for each month’s section.

What to Document


You can never have enough of pictures to documents your child’s life. Take monthly pictures of your baby during her first year. Make a schedule on your camera to avoid forgetting. The monthly pictures help capture the changes happening on your baby month by month, allowing you easily organize and chronicle your child’s growth and development throughout the year.

Important Milestones

Record important dates of any milestone your child reached during the month. Have a ready digital camera to snap such moments of your baby reaching the milestones.

Special Events

Special events are important developments that need to be documented. Record details about how your child reacted during such special events and holidays that occurred during the month.

Baby’s Weight and Length

On every month anniversary, weigh your baby. It would be more fun if you also put a combined record of your weight and that of your baby. Use a yardstick to try to record your baby’s length too by placing her head at zero inches and straightening her legs to mark where the leg lies on the yard stick.

Baby’s Daily Life

It would be fascinating to record the daily life and routine of your child. Record when the baby eats, sleep and all babythe happy moments. Whatever you would like to be remembered should be recorded. A day in the life of your baby should be recorded.

If you take your child outdoors, whether on daily walks or while running errands, ensure you record such moments. Taking pictures of these familiar places and activities and scrapbook them.  Look through your collection of quotes and poems and transcribe the most appropriate ones onto cardstock and attach them to the appropriate pictures. As time moves by, present your child with these albums at a time you deem necessary.


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