Understanding Digital Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking started out being all about papers, stickers, and adhesives. However, these traditional forms have been replaced by modern methods of scrapbooking. Today, more scrapbookers are using computers, software and digital photos, to create gorgeous scrapbook pages. What sets a scrapbook apart from photobook is the level of personal embellishment. There are modern digital scrapbooking […]

Scrapbook Gift Ideas

The act of giving a scrapbook as a gift is one of the most heartfelt and awesome things you can do when someone is having a significant life event coming their way. A good example is how every new mom would wish to have a scrapbook chronicling the life of the baby and present it […]

How to Organize Your Photos For Scrapbooking

The chances are that you probably have thousands of photos in your computer or analog format, and you are wondering what is the best way to organize them in a scrapbook. Before anything else, create a backup that will keep your memories safe from disaster. In most cases, a progressive or chronological organization is a […]

Scrapbooking Themes and Ideas

You can create memorable scrapbooks using a suitable theme, template and ideas. Beginners get the idea of choosing themes to be quite confusing. You can decide upon a topic and build from there. Once you have chosen a theme, you can quickly sort out all the photos and description that belong to that theme. You […]

Keeping Memories Alive Through Scrapbooks

Scrapbooks capture little slices of history and preserve it securely for future generations. People use scrapbooks to record their personal lives, hobbies, children’s accomplishments, trips be it to Walt Disney Land, magical and spiritual pursuits, genealogy and many others. It presents a perfect way of keeping memories alive through its key feature of information rather […]

Basic Scrapbook Materials and Supplies

The world of scrapbooking supplies and materials is one that is always changing. There is a never-ending selection of products being offered with new scrapbooking techniques being shared among the enthusiasts. People looking for newer and better products at all times will find the art of making scrapbooks as an great challenge for them. Scrapbooking […]

Getting Started in Scrapbooking

A scrapbook refers to a decorated photo album that preserves the stories behind the picture (journaling). It can also hold memorabilia (certificates, tickets, letters, etc.). By using lignin-free and acid-free papers and adhesives, photos can be preserved beautifully and safely for a long time. Scrapbookers have family albums as well as smaller theme albums for […]